About Digital Business Cards

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Say goodbye to paper business cards and welcome Digital Business Card!

Digital Business Card can be easily connected with all of your digital tools, like social media accounts, email, website and more.

It brings back the magic feeling of a typical business card while modernizing it for today's digital world.

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Showcase your professional contact information in one organized, easy to access digital card.

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What is a Digital Business Card?

Digital Business Cards are a modern and secure way to share important information about yourself or your business. Content can include name, address, phone number, website, photo, location, user bio and links to various social media accounts. The contact data is securely stored in an online format known as .vcf (virtual contact file) which can be shared in multiple ways such as via an Apple or Google Wallet, email signature and social media platforms. Alternatively, the business card QR code can be embedded onto a physical paper-based card. This makes it easy to exchange contact information without requiring manual input.

By using Digital Business Cards, individuals and businesses can ensure that their contact information is always up-to-date and easily accessible. This makes it easier to keep in contact with customers, partners or new contacts. Furthermore, this digital format is more secure than physical cards and allows for personalized messages and branding. With the help of Digital Business Cards you can make sure that your contact details are always available when they need them most.